Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Flying Donkey Puppet Company! Who Are We?

The Flying Donkey Puppet company is a small, DIY radical Puppet Company made up of Pepe Hillfrau and Gigio Sindiatso. We are a puppet company. We make small shows that we can perform for you from our 2 suitcases in any location we can find. We also can spend a week or month with you and 200 friends and make a giant puppet pageant that only seems possible when you sit back and realize you just did it. We believe in this puppet miracle. It keeps us alive, and has somehow kept us fed. Contact us if you would like to bring us to your town. We are loosely based in Brooklyn and Vermont but can often be found on the porch of a road side general store eating a sausage dog on a rainy afternoon in Anytown USA... or maybe on another continent missing home... wherever that may be.

We have modernized enough to make this page to keep anyone interested in our whereabouts up to date... and to let our Mom's know where we are and that we are OK.

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